SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones

"The best eye mask that plays music" by The Independent

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    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band
    SnoozeBand™ Deluxe - Sleep Mask Headphones - Snooze Band

    The most luxurious Sleep Mask with built-in headphones ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Ultra-thin, 4mm speakers that are covered in soft foam for unparalleled side-sleep comfort. Nestled within a silky soft eye mask that feels like a cozy hug for your eyes and ears, helping you drift off to dreamland faster than ever before.

    With improved sound quality, unmatchable side-sleep comfort, smart shut down timers and integrated white noise, SnoozeBand™ Deluxe is the most advanced Bluetooth sleep mask on the market.

    ✅ Key Features

    • Ultra-thin 4mm headphones - perfect for side sleepers

    • Optional automatic shut-off timing function for 1, 2 or 3 hours

    • Built-in soothing sounds for offline listening

    • Adjustable headphone position & strap

    • Up to 15-hours playtime from 1 charge

    • 100% light blocking

    • Super soft & washable material

    • Compatible with any Bluetooth device 

    • Built-in microphone to pick up calls 

    • Portable roll-up design 

    • Built-in zip for ice & heat pack 

    • No annoying flashing lights

    • No disturbing voice prompts like "battery low" or "power off"

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    📦 What's in the box

    - SnoozeBand Deluxe

    - Protective travel pouch

    - Instruction manual

    - USB-C to USB-A Charging cable

    💸 Money-Back Guarantee

    Try SnoozeBand™ risk-free for 15 days - if it's not for you, no hard feelings! Get in touch at contact@snoozeband.co.uk and send it back within 15 days for a full refund.

    ⭐️ Product Specifications

    Battery life: 10 - 15 hours from 1 charge

    Charging time: 2 hours

    Frequency Range: 20HZ-20KHZ

    Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

    Charging: Via included USB-C to USB-A cable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 233 reviews
    John McNeill

    Speaker size is excellent will be ordering the non face mask one aswell

    Kulbir Peacock
    No ear ache

    I have had a few different BT Snooze type headbands, and the problem with them has been that they dig into my ears as they are quite thin, and I'm a side sleep...so not good as that digging in doesn't aid sleeping well. Fast forward to this Snooze Band and wow wow wow...I'm pleased to have actually paid extra for a product...because the quality of them is ace and it's clear straight away to see why I had to pay a tad more. They are robustly made which means that there is way more padding than others...I'm not waking up with ear ache because of this thickness. They are easy to charge as well, keep their charge for a longer period than others as well. Sound of the earphones is good also. Overall this is a great product and they are well worth the money you pay for them. Stop considering buying them and just buy them...you won't regret it

    Graham Wingate
    I am so happy with this.

    Having recently had a 15 hours flight and needing to go straight into a meeting on arrival it was important I slept on the plane. SnoozeBand was just brilliant. Comfortable to wear and the low level music just helped me to get a good 6 hours.

    I shall see now where else I shall wear it :)

    Alysoun Rollo
    Brilliant, just brilliant

    These headphones are great and worth every penny. I suffer from tinnitus and have a snoring partner. The snoozeband has really helped me get to sleep and stay asleep. The headband is comfortable to wear all night and the headphones flat enough not to irritate a side sleeper. Good quality headphones too. I like the timed shut down which saves battery life. I’m thinking of getting the eye mask one to get me through the short nights of the summer months. They are genius. Don’t even contemplate anything else.

    Holly Osborn
    Worth the money

    I previously tried a couple of the cheaper options from Amazon and found that they hurt my ears and/or the eye mask part didn't cushion my eyes which is something I find beneficial, it forces my eyes to stay shut and I inevitably sleep better. So after much deliberation and many sleepless nights due to my husband's snoring, I bit the bullet and got the deluxe sleep mask headphones. The headphones are thinner than any of the cheaper ones I could find on Amazon and this small difference made a whole world of change for me. My ears no longer hurt! They don't interfere with my multiple piercings at all! I found the sound quality to be better, I love that there's inbuilt ambient noises for if I'm traveling and don't have a great WiFi connection for my usual apps. I also adore that there's a very easy to set shut down timer so the headset doesn't require as much charging AND my connected phone has better battery life as a result too. I can see why some people would say to just get cheaper ones but for me, they didn't work in the exact way I needed, and this does! I've been sleeping so well since they arrived and they muffle out my husband's snoring perfectly! A true game changer, can't recommend this enough.

    Better sleep with the press of a button.

    Immerse yourself with your favourite sounds and drift off to sleep heaven.

    • ❖ Headphones & sleep mask in one

    • ❖ Speakers you can't feel - even on your side

    • ❖ Compatible with any device

    • ❖ Built-in sounds for offline listening

    • ❖ Shut-off timer for longer battery life

    • ❖ Perfect for on the go

    The ultra-thin Bluetooth speakers are nestled within a super soft, light blocking eye mask. Covering both your eyes and ears, you can shut off the world around you and immerse yourself in your own private oasis whilst listening to the sounds that soothe you.

    The ultra-thin 4mm speakers offer unmatchable side-sleep comfort, premium sound quality and up to 15 hours of playtime. They're easily adjustable for the perfect fit and an immersive audio experience.

    Connect SnoozeBand to any Bluetooth device and play your favourite audio from apps like Spotify, Audible & more through the built-in wireless headphones. Perfect for white noise, podcasts, audiobooks, ASMR & more.

    You no longer need a device or Bluetooth connection to enjoy relaxing audio. Snoozeband Deluxe features built-in sounds, ranging from gentle white noise to nature sounds. And the best part? You can effortlessly switch between the Bluetooth and White Noise mode, so your favorite sounds are always at your fingertips, no matter the situation.

    Featuring 60, 120 and 180 minute shut down timing functions, so your Snoozeband powers down automatically as you drift off to dreamland. This helps to preserve battery life, so no need to charge your Snoozeband daily!

    Boasting a clever roll-up design and a handy travel pouch, Snoozeband Deluxe is the ultimate travel essential. So whether you're off on your next adventure or simply commuting to work, SnoozeBand Deluxe has got you covered.

    “The best sleep headphones for side sleepers”

    “Helps you get a great night's sleep”

    "Perfect for long haul or nighttime flights"

    “Say goodbye to restless nights”

    “The best eye-mask style sleep headphones”

    Works with all sleep & audio apps

    SnoozeBand Benefits

    • Sleep soundly

      The natural, drug-free solution for better sleep

    • Improved mood

      Because better sleep means better everything

    • Reduced stress & anxiety

      Calm your body & mind by listening to relaxing sounds

    • Increased focus & energy

      Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day!

    What makes Snoozeband Deluxe different?

    Rated 5 stars by The Independent

    "At first, we thought a music-playing eye mask was a bit gimmicky, but the SnoozeBand blew us away. Not only was it one of the most comfortable eye masks in this round-up – providing full blackout and an adjustable strap for any head size – it was also incredibly easy to use, and the music played just perfectly"


    Can I wear snoozeband Deluxe all night?

    Yes of course! SnoozeBand Deluxe is designed with breathable fabric and extremely soft speakers so you can wear it all night, without the pain of traditional earphones. You won't feel the speakers, even when sleeping on your side!

    I'm a side sleeper - is it suitable for me?

    Yes! The speakers in our Snoozeband Deluxe model are only 4mm and covered by soft & flexible foam. You won't feel them at all, even when you’re on your side.

    Will if fit me?

    SnoozeBand Deluxe is designed with an adjustable velcro strap, so you can adapt it to your needs.

    The headphones are also easily adjustable for the perfect fit and an immersive audio experience.

    how do you charge it?

    Charging the Snoozeband Deluxe is super easy! Unzip the top and connect the module with the included USB charger.

    Is there a "low battery" voice notification?

    No. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Snoozeband will never wake you up at night with a "low battery" or "power off" voice prompt. The battery status can be seen in your Bluetooth settings.

    Can I wash the Snoozeband Deluxe?

    Sure! Simply remove the electronics before washing and put them back in when dried. We recommend hand-washing it to make sure the material stays soft.

    what are the shipping times?

    Domestic orders (within the UK) take 1-5 business days to arrive. For the fastest delivery time please choose Royal Mail 1st Class at checkout.

    International orders take roughly 7-15 business days depending on the country of the final destination.

    Do you offer a warranty?

    At Snoozeband we stand behind the quality of our products. Should you encounter a manufacturing defect, let us know within 1 Year of purchase and we will exchange your Snoozeband for a new one, free of charge.

    is there a flashing light when it plays?

    No, Snoozeband only flashes for a few seconds when switched on. As soon as it's paired with your device the light stops, so there's no annoying flashing light that keeps you or your partner awake at night!